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The ParkingCloud is much more than a just a database. It is the single point of access for information about urban parking. This includes AI-powered availability predictions for on-street parking spots, as well as live feeds from thousands of sensors both for on-street spots and and off-street facilities.

Currently, the ParkingCloud provides high resolution data for more than 140 cities in Germany with 48 million off-street and 42 million on-street parking spots. The standardized RESTful API integrates seamlessly with mobility services on all internet-enabled platforms: Connected Cars, Mobile and Web Apps andTraffic Management Systems.


AIPARK On-Street-Parking in 360°

Take over the co-driver’s seat and get an unfiltered impression of the ParkingCloud’s capabilities during a short tour through the city centre.




We continuously feed high-resolution data into our Artificial Intelligence to create a realsistic model of the parking situation at every given geographic point. To do this, we have to consider all surrounding factors that effect the availability of parking: Traffic flows, local events, weather conditions, businesses and other points of interest, as well as certain social indicators and others. Predicting parking is complex!

Building accurate

parking maps

We undergo tremendous efforts to maintain and extend the best collection of parking-related data on the market. In this context, our mapping engine helps us analyze imagery from different sources – remote sensing and and street-level capturing – to extract high-quality parking data. We use state-of-the-art computer vision technology to make the analysis process as automated as possible. This is how we handle terabytes of input data with minimum human involvement.

Charging stations

for electric vehicles

The ParkingCloud is ready for the transformation towards electric vehicles. We provide data for 30.000+ charging stations all over Europe to help drivers find the right place to park and charge. This includes dynamic availability feeds, plug types, capacity, power supply and many more details. In combination with the other ParkingCloud features, this enables intelligent connectivity features that match the needs of E-Mobility.


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Nationwide coverage

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