Automated parking monitoring and enforcement


ParkingVision analyzes image streams from connected cameras – completely automated and applicable worldwide. The service uses Deep Learning to detect open parking spots in real-time. The system suggests them to car drivers via partnering smartphone apps and even directly within selected car navigaton systems. This reduces the time needed to find parking and promotes a seamless driver experience – for a unique attractiveness of your business and parking facility.

Finding an open parking spot today is the last pain point in the entire car driving experience and causes 30% of all city traffic. This effect is critical for both, street parking and off-street facilities as drivers don’t know where to find parking themselves. ParkingVision is the most efficient way to collect real-time parking information and detailed statistics on the usage of your facility. The system can even identify parking violators in real-time to automate the parking enforcement processes. This saves time an money spent. Everyday.



ParkingVision uses image streams from connected cameras that can be located everywhere in the world! The best part: You don’t need special hardware to realize the full potential of the optical parking monitoring. Just use a standard webcam! Once your own camera is physically installed at the parking facility, it is just a matter of minutes to set up the most advanced parking monitoring service in the market.


Data security is very important to us! Thus, ParkingVision comes with a patent-pending data anonymization engine that is built-in at the core of the service. No personal data such as license plates, faces etc. is collected and no human can get access to raw data. As assessed and confirmed by independent auditors, ParkingVision is fully compliant with GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation within the European Union.


ParkingVision comes with a fully documented and easy-to-integrate Application Programmable Interface (API) that makes it possible to use collected parking data within any app or connected service. Suggest open parking spots directly in your app to help car drivers save time. Show the enforcement personell parking violators in the area to increase returns. Integrate detailed parking statistics into your management tools.

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Sign up now and test the system with open traffic cameras from all over the world. It’s also very easy to onboard your own webcam! Just follow the instructions to have your parking monitoring system set up and running within just minutes.

ParkingVision ON-PREMISE

ParkingVision ON-PREMISE brings the power of the cloud to a uniquely efficient Edge Computing device. The sensor uses state-of-the-art Computer Vision to detect parked vehicles in its field of view – fully automated and in real-time. The analysis of collected raw data directly on the device using an extremely resource-efficient Deep Learning module.

No personal data is recorded and only the captured parking information is distributed through the device’s 4G connectivity. As assessed by independent auditors, the device is fully GDPR compliant.

  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Optional battery pack to bridge ‘no-power’ times
  • Reliable for all weather conditions
  • Fully GDPR compliant
10 MIN
> 98%


ParkingVision ON-PREMISE is installed on light poles or buildings to cover entire street segments or parking areas. A single device can monitor up to 30 parking spots.

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Remote setup and calibration
  • No maintenance required in the field
  • Over-the-Air software updates
  • Ultra-low power consumption


The system is highly accurate, super light-weight, tiny and works on ultra-low power. These are its basic specifications.

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Specification Value
Detection rate 98%
Spots per unit Up to 30
Power consumption ~0.7 – 1W
Total weight ~2 kg
Dimensions sensor 75 x 95 x 120mm
Dimensions battery unit 90 x 110 x 160mm

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