Solving city parking with Artificial Intelligence

Enhancing Mobility with Parking Information

Winner of the CEBIT Innovation Award 2018! ­čÜÇ

Parking annoys everyone! Drivers today spend 20 Minutes searching for an open spot every time they move their car. This creates as much as 30 percent of all traffic in cities worldwide! We developed the ParkingCloud so that driver always know where to find parking near their destination.

The ParkingCloud is the single point of access for dynamic information about urban parking and aims to extend the functionalities of existing mobility services. AI-powered availability predictions for on-street parking, thousands of sensor feeds and insights from millions of connected devices – easily integrated into your service.



  • Nationwide parking availability predicitons
  • Real-time parking sensor feeds
  • Crowdsensing data from millions of connected devices
  • Extensive charging station details



  • AI-powered optical parking monitoring
  • Detects parking violations in real-time
  • Easy setup within just minutes
  • GDPR compliant

Leader of its class

1.8 Mio+ parking areas, 140+ cities with availability predictions for on-street parking, 1000+ live data feeds from sensors and facilities. We know where to park – everywhere. The ParkingCloud is the leading source for all parking-related information in Germany.

One platform

AIPARK offers information about parking spots beyond geographic borders. Over our RESTful API, we deliver everything from opening hours, prices and restrictions to open spots in real-time. No matter whether public or private parking operators – the ParkingCloud connects with everyone.

Full stack supplier

Whatever you need to make parking digital – we have it. Our portfolio ranges from a cloud-based backend over optical IoT sensors to customized front-end development. Get in touch with us to discuss your parking-related requirement!

Known from

How it works

Deep Learning

We collect Big Traffic Data from a unique fleet of more than 6 Mio. probe vehicles alone in Germany. Deep Learning is used to analyze billions of data points every week to create digital represenations of the last mile car mobility on a nationwide scale.

Easy Integration

AIPARK Parking Information can be easily integrated into any existing application on all connected platforms. All data is provided over a cloud-hosted RESTful API. On many platforms, we also provide native SDKs to make the integration as easy as possible.

AIPARK already helps more than 1 Mio drivers find parking. Why not through your service?

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