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Winner of the CEBIT Innovation Award 2018! ­čÜÇ

Parking annoys everyone! In average, drivers spend 10 to 30 Minutes searching for an open spot. This accounts for as much as 30 percent of all traffic in cities! Obviously, that’s too much. This is why we developed the ParkingCloud to let drivers know where they can find parking near their destination.

The ParkingCloud is much more than a just a database. It is the single point of access for information about urban parking. This includes AI-based availability predictions for on-street parking spots, as well as live feeds from thousands of sensors both for on-street spots and and off-street facilities.

Leader of its class

1.8 Mio+ parking areas, 140+ cities with availability predictions for on-street parking, 1000+ live data feeds from sensors and facilities. We know where to park – everywhere. The ParkingCloud is the leading source for all parking-related information in Germany.

One platform

AIPARK offer information about parking spots beyond any geographic borders. Over our RESTful API, we deliver everything from opening hours, prices and restrictions to open spots in real-time. No matter whether public or private parking operators – the ParkingCloud connects with everyone.

Full stack supplier

Whatever you need to make parking digital – we have it. Our portfolio ranges from a cloud-based backend over optical IoT sensors to customized front-end development. Get in touch with us to discuss your parking-related requirement!


Parking information holds a benefit for plenty of industries. Check out how we  help you succeed with your parking-related application.

Our API integrates with any infotainment system on the market.
Mobility Apps
Create a new USP for your product by integrating our best-in-market parking assistant.
Cities & Governments
Discover how AIPARK can help your city in reducing traffic volume
Parking Operators
Increase the utilization of your facilities with our products.
Deep Learning

Artificial Neural Networks process billions of data points to predict the parking situation at any location


We combine Artificial Intelligence and Big Traffic Data from a fleet of 5+ Mio. vehicles to predict where parking will be available near drivers’ destination.

parking maps

We apply cutting-edge computer vision on satellite and street-level imagery to expand our database for opening hours, prices and parking restrictions.

To extend our coverage, our servers are processing terabytes of images to determine the locations of unmapped parking spots.

The ParkingSensor

Occupancy Monitoring in Real-Time


The ParkingSensor stands out by its unique design that allows for ultra-low power consumption


An installation of the ParkingSensor comes at up to 70% lower costs than other solutions

Computer Vision on the Edge


The ParkingSensor uses Computer Vision algorithms on the Edge to determine parking occupancy in its field of view


The deployed technology has been assessed independently to be fully compliant with State, Federal and EU privacy legislation

What our users say

At the beginning, I was suspicious if an app really could help me save time. Talking from my experiences as a beta tester: Convincing! It knows all the hidden spots and an availability forecast comes right with it. Just a very handy thing if you want to go shopping in the city!Josefin
JosefinStudent, 23
I'm a commuter and struggle to find a parking spot every day during rush hour. AIPARK guides me directly to streets with high parking chance and has already saved me a lot of time.Fabian
FabianEnvironmental engineer, 27

AIPARK helped drivers find a parking spot already more than 15.000 times

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