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Trouble finding and open spot? AIPARK is the first app to provide detailed on-street parking information on a nationwide level.

How it works? We analyze large amounts of traffic data and predict the chance of finding parking for the area near your destination. Our artificial intelligence SAM chooses the best spots available and navigates you straight to an open spot – no hassle.

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With the AIPARK app, you have the most comprehensive information at hand. Are you looking for free parking spots only? Or do you prefer parking your car in safe garage preferably at the best rate?

We’ve got you covered – already in more than 140 cities.

Cutting-edge features


  • Optimal search route to maximize the chance of finding an open spot
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Real-time parking availability feeds
  • Predict the parking availability over the whole day
  • Plenty of filter options [ Free parking only, Garages only etc. ]
  • Custom map styles
  • Find-my-car feature

Check out the app! It’s free and easy.

What our users say

At the beginning, I was suspicious if an app really could help me save time. Talking from my experiences as a beta tester: Convincing! It knows all the hidden spots and an availability forecast comes right with it. Just a very handy thing if you want to go shopping in the city!Josefin
JosefinStudent, 23
I'm a commuter and struggle to find a parking spot every day during rush hour. AIPARK guides me directly to streets with high parking chance and has already saved me a lot of time.Fabian
FabianEnvironmental engineer, 27

How AIPARK works

The ‘AI’ in AIPARK stands for ‘Artificial Intelligence’. This is what predicts the availability of all parking spots near your destination and chooses the best one just for you. Our AI is called SAM and can be considered a parking expert for all conditions. Based on large-scale historical data and real-time traffic feeds, SAM knows very accurately when and where parking is available.