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Perfect Clan

  • Kinga Knop
    Kinga KnopOffice Manager

    Several years of work experience in the startup environment. Technologist.

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  • Mathias Rudnik
    Mathias RudnikFull Stack Developer

    Broad work experience with car connectivity and IoT at Volkswagen. Finished his studies top of his class. Fitness fan.

  • Torgen Hauschild
    Torgen HauschildFull Stack Developer

    Developed pre-series telematics and connectivity services at Volkswagen. Finished his studies top of his class. Fitness addict.

  • Johannes Riedel
    Johannes RiedelCOO

    Several years of B2B sales and technical project management at MAN Truck & Bus in South Africa, USA and Russia. Swimmer, Runner, Biker.

  • Marcel Kessler
    Marcel KesslerBackend Developer

    Supported industrial connectivity competence center at Volkswagen in Germany and Mexico. Focus on AI application development. Globetrotter.

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